lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

My favorite genre :

I don't really have a favorite type or genre of music . If a song comes out on the radio and it caches my attention and I really like it , all what I do is download it off on my music playlist and listen to it whenever I want . Sometimes when I'm angry I use to listen to rock , when I listen to it I feel good and relaxed . I also like country music , because the singers express their feelings . they express their love life's and make you think about "falling in love" . They make you realize that life can be too short so we should eevery moment . Songs that I listen the most make me feel like I can face any challenges that I have.
To me it don't matter what type of music I listen to as long as I'm satisfied with the artist and the song that's all that matters to me . When I was young, at the spanish school , I was playing  flute  , I really liked  this instruments because  it's not very hard and you can learn to it very fast .