domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

I think that everybody has a goal in life .. Some people believe that they don't have goals wich isn't true. We all have goals and dreams.  I was one of those , but then I realised that I was wrong.
I don't have a lot of goals & dreams. Just one wich is to make myself happy, to live every single moment in my life. Without wasting my time . I just want to travel all around the world , as I want to to meet  new people, to discover other cultures and countries. And my unique goal is to be the person that my parents wanted to me be. So what do I have to do for my dream to become reality? It's pretty simple, we all have to fight for it . . Never forget to enjoy the little things and big things, don't be afraid to be adventurous and daunting. Just know that everything you do leads to your future .
Goals are what help us achieve our dreams...  it might not be today , or tomorrow.. but if you fight for it , you will get it.

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi Im Tayler. I really like what you said about goals achieving our dreams. My dream is to become a livestock veterinarian and to achieve my dream i have to get into a good college. I would like to got to Colorado state (45 out of a hundred get in who apply) UC Davis (32 out of 100 are accepted) or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (31 out of 100). To achieve my dream i have to set a goal to get good grades. You are are 100% correct. goals do hep us achieve our dreams.

  2. Hi I'm Alex, I really enjoy your way of thinking! It is true that everybody has goals, some people may not just know them yet. I was the same way, I did not think I had any real goals in school or life or anything. As I got older though I realized I was wrong and that there is so many amazing things to do in this world like you said, meet new people, travel, explore to new places and cultures! That is one of my goals, to travel around the world to discover more about the world we all live in.